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Light of Life Ge32 Belt Support

Soothe the waist The most reliable product for future preventive measures

Can effectively support the body’s core muscles, so that to enable people who are sedentary or need a lot waist exercise to withstand more weight. This product is especially suitable for relieving pain and discomfort in the neck and shoulders, and for relaxing poor waist circulation caused by maintaining a fixed position for a long time. Portable and convenient design with soothing effect that not only be able to use at home, but also any places regardless of work, study or rest.

This product is processed through nanotechnology which enables the product quality to be more stable. its patented multiple elastic bandage and medical-grade Velcro velvet are with features of comfort and breathability which is in line with the body back curve and truly supports the waist and spine, and tights abdominal muscles.

Product Features

  1. Promote metabolism
  2. Reduce fatigue
  3. Increase body temperature
  4. Adjust physical constitution

Applicable Objects

  1. Patients with back pain
  2. Working pressure of office employees
  3. Chronic disease group

Product Specifications

※ Special size:3L,4L,5L (Extra Fee)

Notice for Use

  1. Drinking 500c.c. warm boiled water every morning on an empty stomach after getting up and drinking warm boiled water at least 2500c.c. or above every day.
  2. An unplugged and appropriate length that is adjustable for individual body; only slightly tight the “Light Chip of Life” around the waist and abdomen.
  3. Applicable in doing housework, going to work or study class, watching TV or using computer, long standing or carrying heavy objects, before and after exercising, easy to carry in traveling. It can be used in ordinary time or sleep.
  4. If there is dirty or smell, it is recommended to use water to clean, and dry in shade to keep clean.