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Light of Life Ge32 Knee Support

Promote blood circulation Provide you with the best care

Knee injuries are the most common sports injuries that affect not only motor function but also daily life. Additionally since chronic sports injuries are not obvious, they are often neglected. With age, physical deterioration or sports injuries may lead joints to produce lesions. Germanium High-Performance Chip Knee Pad of Light of Life are with following five major features:

First: Coverage that disperses the pressure and reduces the impact.

Second: Support which is provided by the supportive function of knee pad itself to partially reduce the pressure on knees.

Third: Comfort of just fit knee pad; a single size allows you to freely adjust your own knee.

Fourth: Breathability, mesh weaving with a high degree of permeability.

Fifth: Through the mild far infrared, Germanium High-Performance Chip Knee Pad of Light of Life can be used while exercising. In addition to relieving soreness, it also promotes blood circulation and increases your support during walking, jogging, hiking, walking.

Applicable Objects

  1. People with habit of exercise / sports injuries
  2. Office employees with high working pressure
  3. Chronic disease group

Product Features

  1. Promote metabolism
  2. Reduce fatigue
  3. Increase body temperature
  4. Adjust physical constitution

Notice for Use

  1. Wear knee pads closely contact with the skin of feet knee.
  2. Use outward, left and right feet can be used.
  3. It is recommended to drink warm water, best at daily consumption of 2,500cc or more.
  4. If there is dirty or smell, it is recommended to use water to clean, and dry in shade to keep clean.