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Light of Life Ge32 Magic Wave Bra Pads

Charm Ultimate charm For you who pursuits health and beauty

The Germanium Magic Light Wave Chest Pad is made of 3D structure, which not only enhances blood circulation and speeds up metabolism, but also leads breast tissues to stand full with elasticity, rendering a natural health and beauty. This product always cares for your feminine. It is removable for cleaning and suitable for all kinds of underwear style.

Materials related to this product have been processed by technology relevant to high-tech NaNo (nanometer), in which the chip performance is environmentally friendly, lifelong effective, lifetime warranty, and safe without any side effects. It has won multi-national patents and the “Gold Quality Certification” awarded by Japan-America Foundation Noguchi Medicine Institute.

This commodity has passed tests conducted by relevant units with credibility such as SGS, ITRI, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, HONG KONG FAR INFARAED RAYS ASSOCIATION, Japan Far Infrared Application Research Association etc., and won the “Certificate of Five Excellent Quality ” awarded by the Japan Far Infrared Application Research Association Japan, the confidence recommendation form PhD. Yoshihisa Asano along with the product quality certification issued by HONG KONG FAR INFARAED RAYS ASSOCIATION.

The product lines of Light of Life have been tested by the Health Physics Division of Nuclear Science and Technology Development Center of Atomic Science and Technology Development Center of Tsing Hua University for its radioactivity and the results of “No Artificial Radionuclide” indicates that our products are safe to use.

Applicable Objects

  1. All stages of women (postoperative repair, premenstrual syndrome, growth stage, lactation period)
  2. Female with need for breast health

Product Features

  1. Promote metabolism
  2. Reduce fatigue
  3. Increase body temperature
  4. Adjust physical constitution

Notice for Use

  1. Because this product utilizes a chest-surrounded type by the germanium chip with exclusive patent of Light of Life, the “round shape” is therefore adopted in order to achieve the integrity of the breast repair effect; it is recommended to use the following ways to wear: directly plug in the underwear is the most convenient way and it is recommended to wear triangle bra; half-cut / one-piece sports underwear or girl lovely bra with chest pad stuffed inside.
  2. Please do not arbitrarily disassemble this product since the main body of the chest pad and the chip are integrated, any damage caused by such dissemble will not be responsible by the Company.
  3. This product is a removable and washable chest pad, which will not be affected by any underwear styles.