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What is germanium?

German chemist Clemens Alexander Winkler discovered germanium in 1885 and named it germanium in the name of the motherland of Germany.

Germanite is a kind of ore containing germanium in nature. It is a semiconducting element between metal and nonmetal. In the group of metal elements, it is a non-ferrous metal element with brittle nature and an important semiconductor material.

Once exposed to the body with temperature above 32 degrees, it will exert its elemental characteristics to help awaken the body’s self-healing and thereby regain a healthy life.

What is the Germanium High-Performance Chip of Light of Life?

It is like the chips called in the computer, only with the differences of raw materials, production equipment, and processes. The Germanium High-Performance Chip of Light of Life is a health care chip independently developed by Ghifu International Group through the combination of five major scientific and technological productions of nano-technology, optoelectronics, medical science and technology, biotechnology, physical science and technology along with the use of germanium Ge32 and other trace elements.

What is the Life Light Wave?

The Life Light Wave is also known as the “Birth of Light Energy Wave”; generally, the universe has several light waves, of which the real ones that are beneficial to human body are between wavelength of 8 ~ 12μm, the wavelength within this range can penetrate 15 cm of the epidermis and dermal tissue cells to react with H2O (water) to occur resonance which will then generate functions of  body repair, cell activation, blood flow system improvement, immune system enhancement, body resistance reinforcement, self-healing upgrade to protect human’s organs.

What are the benefits of using the Germanium High-Performance Chip of Light of Life on human body?

Owing to external environment and personal physique, it is impossible for individual to identify the benefits and damages of foods, water, air and so on that we intake every day in the long run, and many of them might be killers to human body. The life light wave will generate resonance with blood resonance which will not only expel old waste materials original attached to the vessel wall but also promote metabolism, increase blood oxygen and nutrient delivery function, enhance body’s immune system, enhance health care and prevent the occurrence of human diseases.

Is the germanium element of Light of Life made of recycled materials?

The germanium elements used in the Light of Life are all extracted from the raw ore and imported from the United States. It is by no means the material recovered from any industry.

Time to use product?

Initially, it is recommended to use 24 hours a day; to whose with special illnesses, it is recommended to adopt progressive use, and to consult the professional sales staff to understand how to use in advance.

Why does the itching of the skin occur after wearing?

Such reaction is due to phenomenon of sensitive skin, lack of drinking water or the effect of toxins discharge; if itchy, it is recommended to apply care product similar to cooling creams or gently smear, scrub and washing crude salt in the itchy area when bathing for about 3 times, then such reaction will slowly relief and resume to normal condition a few days later. In the meantime, please couple with drinking of plenty of warm water. If the condition of red itch does not improve, please consult your dermatologist.

Why there is no special reaction felt after using?

The operating mechanism of this product is physical which needs time in operation and nursing. Please make sure the amount of drinking water, wearing time and the correctness of wearing, as well as observe whether there is an increase in urine volume, dry mouth syndrome, the increases of excretion and other physical reactions; If none, please contact the professional sales personnel or call our professional customer service.

Will there be a secondary improvement reaction after using a period of time?

If the body has old wounds or deeper repair, the reaction may be more than once, and may be gradual or secondary, but the reaction time or symptoms will be shortened each time.

What is the most suitable size?

Except belt, all germanium products of Life of Light are single size; the belt has appropriate sizes fit for individual waist circumference. Do not use too large size to avoid ineffective function.

Are all the products of lifetime warranty?

Except any man-made destruction, chips of Light of Life are life-time warranty; however, as external textiles vary according to individual use, the Light of Life will provide service for modification. Please feel free to contact the distribution units or head office.

Whether the off size can be replaced?

Please do not wear the product to maintain the integrity of product in the case of off size, and please change the size within 2 days of purchase to the sales staff.