Light of Life Ge32 Product Series II

Light of Life Ge32 Neck Support II



Leave the whole day’s fatigue to the Germanium High-Performance Chip Neck Ring of Light of Life, let its far infrared sooth your neck discomfort. It is easily adjustable for a comfortable fit and protects your neck, whether in the office or at home.

Ge32 Healthy High-Performance Chip of Light of Life is made of Nanotechnology which not only stabilized product quality, but also, through its physical method, improves the body’s metabolic system and thereby increases self-healing, reduces the occurrence of chronic diseases, and enable people to live healthy with a dignified life.

The Germanium High-Performance Chip Neck Ring of Light of Life is exclusively developed by the Company which is made of international environmental materials.

This commodity has passed tests conducted by relevant units with credibility such as SGS, ITRI, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Japan Far Infrared Application Research Association etc.

The product lines of Light of Life have been tested by the Health Physics Division of Nuclear Science and Technology Development Center of Atomic Science and Technology Development Center of Tsing Hua University for its radioactivity and the results of “No Artificial Radionuclide” indicates that our products are safe to use. The product series of Light of Life is life-long warranty, please feel at ease to use.